Property Management



Property management demands knowledge of the property market and of the needs and requirements of clients, tenants and visitors and expertise of the building’s technology and structure. As your property manager, we will translate this into a clear financial plan, based on budgets and rental income. This results in reliable reports, specifically tailored to your business situation. We understand that, as an investor or asset manager, your priority is an office building that works. This is why we work with the best systems and the best people. People who are meticulous, motivated, and passionate about their work.

Everything we do in Property Management is about delivering an exemplary real estate experience throughout the full lifecycle of a building, and across a wide range of asset classes.

What benefits you for choosing Fitzrovia as your Property Management company?

We screen your tenants

As an experienced property manager for 17 years, we have seen thousands of applicants we can recognise potential red flags when checking on an applicant’s documents. Choosing as your property manager, we can guarantee you of getting a reliable tenant.

We ensure that rent is paid on time.

We arrange for the tenant to sign a standing order or direct debit mandate for rent and account to you for all rent received fewer outgoings, fees and commissions accompanied by a statement. We will pursue rent that is not paid. Including written and telephone contact with your tenant in line with our credit control process.

Tenancy matters to our company

We manage all day-to-day contact with your tenants and all routine matters arising during the tenancy. We address problems at any time of the day. We manage routine maintenance works using our approved contractors. We agree on financial limits with you in advance (except for genuine emergencies where we will exercise discretion to instruct any reasonable work to keep the property or your tenant safe).

We handle end of tenancy dilapidation disputes

The number of end of tenancy dilapidation disputes has more than doubled since the legislation was introduced back in 2007. There are now very few ends of tenancies which do not involve us investing between 2 to 5 hours (and at times substantially more time) explaining to former tenants what qualifies as damage and wear & tear then trying to substantiate, negotiate and mediate claims. We will liaise between you and your tenant in the event of any dispute concerning the return of the deposit in accordance with the rules of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme where applicable.